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Eric Roberts, M.A., CCPS

Coming from the financial word, Eric Roberts brings to our clients expertise in taxation and its role on shaping college financial aid and funding. Eric has completed the training and certification process of the National Institute of Certified College Planners (NICCP) and holds the professional designation of Certified College Planning Specialist (CPPS). He holds degrees from Drexel and Brown Universities and has completed additional graduated training at UCLA and the RAND Graduate Institute. Membership and continuing education is maintained in NICCP as well in the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) and the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA).

Eric has been serving the youth communities and their families through program development and advising in the college financing and admissions process. Eric’s leadership through the youth rowing programs of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia has been creating opportunities through assisting in the college funding and admissions process.

Patrick Rufo, MA

Pat Rufo is Collegiate’s resource for college athletics recruiting. He was an assistant coach for an elite DI collegiate men’s lightweight rowing progra and a relentless recruiter.  Pat is respected throughout the country for his efforts in matriculating some of the finest student-athletes to university rowing programs throughout the US. His approach is guided by cultivating an honest relationship with students and their families early in the recruiting process. Pat focuses on providing athletes and their families’ accurate information to assist them in reaching their college decision comfortably. Pat’s experience and knowledge of the recruitment process is available to our families with student-athletes who elect to pursue this route for college admissions as well as funding.

Pat is an advanced certified personal trainer and conditioning specialist employed as the fitness director at an elite Philadelphia-area athletic club and sports development center. Pat also serves a director and head coach of the  junior rowing program at Penn AC, Philadelphia. His continual involvement with developing high school students has positioned Pat as a respected professional who creates prepared athletes for competition at the collegiate level.

Pat earned his B.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Joan Barnett, CPA

Joan Barnett is a certified public accountant and brings over 30 years in family and corporate financial information presentation to Collegiate International. Joan contains extensive experience with SEC regulations and reports on Student Financial Assistance programs. As a principal in a major regional CPA firm, Joan continues to deliver advisory services through direct interaction with client families focusing on current taxation and regulatory information and how this affects financial health, wealth preservation, and funding college. Joan is a Hofstra University graduate and engages in continuing education while maintaining professional accreditations through the Society of Certified Public Accountants – including numerous state licensing agencies.

Joan has held leadership positions in the New York Society of Certified Public Accountants. Her passion for rowing has led to active participation in the junior rowing community in metropolitan New York City and in the US Junior Sculling Foundation.

Bill Caskey, B.A.

Bill Caskey is a college admission specialist and a former Ivy League admission officer. Since 1996, Bill has assisted over 3,000 families with the college admission process. After initially serving as an admission officer at Brown University, Bill directed Brown’s Alumni College Advising Program in which he counseled alumni families through the college admission process. In 2002 Bill co-founded ConnectEdu, a technology company that provides college admission guidance and assistance to high schools and private companies. Bill returned to working individually with families in 2004.