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Sports Recruiting

COLLEGIATE INTERNATIONAL’s services are designed to guide families during the student athlete recruiting process and provide guidance in organizing and executing important decisions that are necessary for successful navigation of the recruiting, college selection, admissions and funding system.

For the athletic recruiting component COLLEGIATE INTERNATIONAL will provide information on specific collegiate athletic programs, and facilitate communication with coaches, college visits and the college admissions application process. NCAA rules and eligibility will be monitored.

As consultants working with the student athlete, their families and the scholastic coaches, we will develop the personal profile and a step by step, structured timeline that will form the foundation of the candidate’s college recruiting and admissions plan which will continue until high school graduation.

COLLEGIATE INTERNATIONAL will provide our client with a complete college recruiting plan, detailed organizational system and one on one advice throughout our engagement. We will build the clients personal profile, develop a complete contact list of coaches and the colleges and universities of interest and breakdown the recruiting plan into manageable and detailed time-line segments. Developing effective communication will be essential and we will work with our client throughout all aspects of this life shaping experience.

Our responsibility will be to “direct the offense” and assist the student athlete and family in executing their personal recruiting plan. Communication between COLLEGIATE INTERNATIONAL and the family will be on a regular basis, and will be complimented by a team approach, where coaches, guidance counselors, family members and mentors will play individual and complementary roles to assist the student athlete throughout the recruiting process.

Mock phone conversations, mock interviews, plus personal, online and in-home recruiting seminars will be conducted in order to increase awareness about types of conversations that will take place and questions that will be asked during the interview phases of recruiting. These exercises will not only heighten awareness but will boost the student athlete’s confidence. Although we use the same tools for everyone, we approach each client in a personal and flexible manner in order to meet the specific needs of each family group.

COLLEGIATE will be monitoring and advising the student and family on matters directly affecting the recruitment process. COLLEGIATE will maintain a communication link with team coaches to provide information on the external training and other development related activities in which your student will be participating. If specific input from the college team coaches is required during the recruiting process, COLLEGIATE will assume the intermediary role for both team coaches and student.

COLLEGIATE will continue to collect data and “feel the pulse” on the collegiate  programs identified as providing the most significant opportunities for each student. The information will be obtained through both formal and informal sources. At all times, your student will be protected by confidentiality to maintain the most optimal positioning during the college recruiting process.